Shared Services

What are shared services?

Burk’s Falls, Armour and Ryerson have a long history of sharing services including the Arena, Landfill, Fire Department, Library, Economic Development, and a number of other important community initiatives. A history of cost sharing formulas illustrates that the percentages have changed over time. The main factors have always been usage and assessment, or ability to pay.

There are many services across the Province that are shared. Largely, they rely on models that consider statistics such as weighted assessment, population, and households. To learn more about sharing services click here.

I reside/own property in Ryerson Township…how do shared services affect me?

Shared Services mean that you have an arena in the community, a landfill site for waste, excellent fire protection, and other initiatives and events that contribute to making this a vibrant place to live, work, and play. On its own, Ryerson Township could not afford to offer the levels of service currently provided through our shared service agreement.

The current agreement between the three Municipalities was entered into effective May 22, 2018 and ends on December 31, 2022. The agreement will automatically renew every five years, unless one of the partnering Municipalities provides written notice of their intent to renegotiate or withdraw from the agreement.

What is the cost-sharing model?

For each of the three core services (Arena, Landfill and Fire), a separate cost-sharing model has been agreed to.

  • Arena: the net costs are shared equally between the three municipalities
  • Landfill: each municipality pays 15% of the net costs, with the remaining 55% split based on the proportion of garbage bags each Municipality’s residents bring into the landfill in a given year
  • Fire: net costs are shared based on the population and households in each Municipality as a proportion of the total population and households in all three Municipalities per the 2016 census data. The resultant cost share is Armour 47.84%, Burk’s Falls 28.60%, and Ryerson 23.56%.