Emergency Preparedness


The Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act requires every Ontario municipality and provincial ministry to implement an emergency management program.

The Township of Ryerson strives to provide services for the safety and well-being of its residents. Ryerson’s Emergency Response Plan is available here, as well as other resources for Emergency Preparedness and Survival in an Emergency.

Township of Ryerson Emergency Management Program

Township of Ryerson Emergency Response Plan
Emergency Plan By-Law #12-16

Are you and your family prepared for possible emergencies?emergencyservices_72hourslogo

Are you ready to meet the special needs of all household members including pets and children if you have to stay home up to 72 hours due to an emergency like an ice-storm or to evacuate due to a nearby fire?

Emergency Preparedness Guide
Emergency Survival Checklist
Pets and Emergencies

Information for Ontario Seniors

Ontario Seniors How to Be Prepared for an Emergency
Ontario Seniors Information for my Emergency Plan

Winter Safety


Floods – How to Prepare

Flooding can be a concern in our community during periods of high water levels due to melting snow and spring run off. The information contained in the pamphlets below may assist you in preparing for possible flooding.

Floods: What to do?
Flood Ready