In addition to building permits, various By-laws as established by Council require the property owner to obtain a permit, including but not limited to for dogs, trailers, the placement of fill, and the establishment of an entrance.

Property owners may print out the applications forms below and mail/bring in to the office for processing. We have begun to accept certain application forms by online submission as well; these forms are marked as “Online Fillable Forms” in the below listing.

Note: property owners may submit payment through online banking for permit applications. To do so, please use your 19-digit roll number and substitute the last 4 digits with ‘5555’. For example, if your roll number is 4924 000 001 12345 0000, submit payment using the account number 4924 000 001 12345 5555. If paying in this method, please ensure that the office has a copy of your application first, to ensure we know where to apply the payment.

If you do not see the application form you are looking for, please call (705) 382-3232 or email the administrative office.

Trailer License Application- Online Fillable Form

Dog License- Online Fillable Form